He is the first public prosecutor of Macedonia. He was born in 1916 in Veles. He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade in 1939.

His extensive work experience includes the following works that he performed – Assistant to the ASNOM’s Internal Affairs Trustee, Army Criminal Investigator – Prosecutor at the Higher Military Court at the main headquarters of NLA (National Liberation Army) and PDY (Partisan Detachments of Yugoslavia) in Macedonia, as well as at NLA and PDY Supreme Headquarters in Belgrade.

On 31.03.1945, he was appointed as Chief Prosecutor of Macedonia and shortly afterwards he was elected as assistant to the Chief Prosecutor of FPRY.

In 1947 he was assigned as Head of the Legislation and Organization Department of the State Administration, followed by his work engagements in the Federal Department for Government Building and as Legislation Secretary in the Government of Macedonia, member of AZT, President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia and President of the Federal Court of Yugoslavia, Head of the Department for Foreign Affairs in CC of CPM, Manager of the Macedonian National Theatre, member of the Audit Committee of CC of CPM, member of the Cultural and Educational Committee of Yugoslavia and vice-president of the Cultural and Educational Council of Yugoslavia and vice-president of the Cultural and Educational Community of Macedonia, member of the Main Board of the Socialist Union, member of the Presidency of the Union of Fighters of the Republic of Macedonia from NLA and member of the Council of the Republic of Macedonia.  He died in Skopje in 2004.